SCCM 2007 and Powershell Packages

Dont you just hate problems that are fixed by one easy click but finding what to change takes forever. I had a problem with a task sequence for a new laptop model that refused to execute packages using powershell. The older sequences executed fine and I could not understand why. At first I started looking at the powershell executionpolicy and realized I had forgotten to add the commandline that set it to RemoteSigned in the sequence. Easy fix, I added the commandline in the sequence and ran the sequence again…..all powershell packages failed.


After this failure I tried running the package commandline manually and it worked fine. All the packages installed without a problem. I started looking at smsts.log and execmgr.log and could not find anything pointing me to what was going wrong until I compared the logs to another model that actually could run these packages. I noticed that the older sequence downloaded the files and executed them locally but the new one executed from the UNC path. This led me to the advertisement of the task sequence, and there it was right in front of my eyes. I had forgot to set the advertisment correct so it did not download the packages before executing them.




Easy fix but took forever to find!


// Nike

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