Password Expire Mail Script

We had a issue at work where all the webmail users called in the same weeks as there passwords was about to expire, they didnt get any notification since they never logon on to a computer, and don’t forget that Windows 7 users dont get the same change password promt as the XP users get, now its just a small notification balloon. Thought this issue would be solved by a quick search for a script on google but didnt find any good ones around that covered all aspects.

There are alot of scripts that gets all users where password is about to expire but they only do the query against one domain, password expire dont replicate as often as needed to just be able to query one DC.

I needed a script that collected all users that are enabled and password was about to expire from all domain so this is what I came up with.

Done, just schedule this script and get rid of all help-desk calls disturbing your morning coffee!

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