Uninstall a program from powershell

If you need to uninstall a program from a prowershell script this will do the trick:

If you get the return value of 1603 your not running your script as admin

SCCM 2007 and Powershell Packages

Dont you just hate problems that are fixed by one easy click but finding what to change takes forever. I had a problem with a task sequence for a new laptop model that refused to execute packages using powershell. The older sequences executed fine and I could not understand why. At first I started looking…

Export and import wireless profiles through powershell

I needed to be able to push out wireless connections through sccm and this is what I came up with.   EXPORT 1. We need to export the wireless profile from a connected computer

2. Open the .xml file that was created in the previous step 3. Change the value protected from true to…

Change DNS on NIC through Powershell

I needed to change DNS settings on all my servers with static IP and wrong DNS settings.

Password Expire Mail Script

We had a issue at work where all the webmail users called in the same weeks as there passwords was about to expire, they didnt get any notification since they never logon on to a computer, and don’t forget that Windows 7 users dont get the same change password promt as the XP users get,…

Universal Extractor

Im working with SCCM deployment and sometimes I need to extract a installation file as there silent install just isnt working as it should, Universal Extractor is a great program to extract all files from a installation-file. Its shell integrated and works like a charm.

Lync 2010 – Add AD users to Lync through Powershell

Here is a script to add AD users automaticly to Lync 2010 This is the simple way of adding every AD user that isnt allready enabled for Lync 2010:

This is the more controlled option if you have a bigger and more complex environment:

If you plan to use the second one or…