How to enable “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” on NIC with PowerShell

Me and a colleague was working on SCCM implementation for a customer and deploying the client turned out to be a problem, after some investigation in the logs and on the client we found that File and Printer Sharing was disabled on the Network Interface Card (NIC) and therefor the installation got canceled as the computernameadmin$ could not be found.

So I started to google the issue and found no good way on how to enable File and Printer Sharing. Found some information about snetcfg_winxp.exe but I didnt want to uninstall and reinstall the service MS_Server I just wanted to enable the binding for File and Printer Sharing on the NIC.

What I did find was a former Microsoft employee that had made his own tool for modifying network bindings called nvspbind that utilizes the INetCfg APIs that can enable network bindings if it has one of the following information on the network card in hand, GUID or Display Name as it will not recognize the friendly name for example Local Area Connection.

The OS on the target computers were Windows XP and I found it easier to use the Display Name as the GUID on XP machines returned nothing but worked fine on Win7.

Here is a script that I made that we connected to the login script so that all computers will run it, if File and Printer Sharing is allready enabled on the NIC nvspbind will do nothing so its safe to run on enabled systems aswell.

Just point out where you placed the tool nvspbind.exe on the network and run the script and File and Printer sharing will be enabled and a new textfile will be generated with the name of the computer that ran the script.

And now File and Printer Sharing is enabled on all active network cards

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