Mapping Onedrive for business

What if I wan’t to access my onedrive files in Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer or the Onedrive for business app. The Onedrive for business App works fine (sometimes) for accessing the files from a laptop or workstation but it syncronizes the contents to the local drive which is fine in. But when the users…

Import specific GPO through powershell from the Backup all script

This script is based on the backup all gpo script done here The script will loop through all the GPO and you will be presented with a pop-up asking if you wish to import the specific GPO.

Backup all GPO in domain through Powershell

Bulk Creation of Room mailboxes Using Powershell

The question came during a meeting, who want’s to be responsible for creating the room mailboxes? I figured it would be interesting to brush up on powershell so I grabbed it. I started of creating a csv file containing the following headers.   Displayname, UserPrincipalName,Office,ResourceCapacity,OrganizationalUnit   Regarding Office, this is what shows up in the…

Add multiple Windows patches to WIM using DISM and Powershell

SCCM and Adobe Reader XI with Powershell

How to distribute Adobe Reader XI in System Center 1. Download the .msi package from adobe  here 2. Download the Adobe Customization Wizard XI here 3. Do you customization to fit your IT needs in Customization Wizard and generate a .mst file 4. Create a powershell file with the following code