Change DNS on NIC through Powershell

I needed to change DNS settings on all my servers with static IP and wrong DNS settings.

Password Expire Mail Script

We had a issue at work where all the webmail users called in the same weeks as there passwords was about to expire, they didnt get any notification since they never logon on to a computer, and don’t forget that Windows 7 users dont get the same change password promt as the XP users get,…

Universal Extractor

Im working with SCCM deployment and sometimes I need to extract a installation file as there silent install just isnt working as it should, Universal Extractor is a great program to extract all files from a installation-file. Its shell integrated and works like a charm.

Lync 2010 – Add AD users to Lync through Powershell

Here is a script to add AD users automaticly to Lync 2010 This is the simple way of adding every AD user that isnt allready enabled for Lync 2010:

This is the more controlled option if you have a bigger and more complex environment:

If you plan to use the second one or…

NZB Cleanup script

A friend wanted me to make a powershell script to clean up his NZB movie/series directory from crap files and sample video as they just take place so since i did a little script for that I might as well share it even if its a basic one. This script will remove the following files:…

WSUS – Force the client to register itself

I was working on a installation script for Forefront Client Security and needed the computer to show up in the WSUS server immediately so that the script could assign the computer to different groups and I found a command to do just that. wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow Computer is now registered in WSUS and shows up…