Backup all GPO in domain through Powershell

Bulk Creation of Room mailboxes Using Powershell

The question came during a meeting, who want’s to be responsible for creating the room mailboxes? I figured it would be interesting to brush up on powershell so I grabbed it. I started of creating a csv file containing the following headers.   Displayname, UserPrincipalName,Office,ResourceCapacity,OrganizationalUnit   Regarding Office, this is what shows up in the…

Add multiple Windows patches to WIM using DISM and Powershell

Install and uninstall Java through Powershell – SCCM

I needed to deploy Java in one of our enterprise environments with a lot of old Java still laying around, I needed to upgrade all to the new version and remove all old versions as they are a security threat. Java don’t have the option to remove all previous installations, I guess its because its…

SCCM and Adobe Reader XI with Powershell

How to distribute Adobe Reader XI in System Center 1. Download the .msi package from adobe  here 2. Download the Adobe Customization Wizard XI here 3. Do you customization to fit your IT needs in Customization Wizard and generate a .mst file 4. Create a powershell file with the following code

Uninstall a program from powershell

If you need to uninstall a program from a prowershell script this will do the trick:

If you get the return value of 1603 your not running your script as admin

SCCM 2007 and Powershell Packages

Dont you just hate problems that are fixed by one easy click but finding what to change takes forever. I had a problem with a task sequence for a new laptop model that refused to execute packages using powershell. The older sequences executed fine and I could not understand why. At first I started looking…

Export and import wireless profiles through powershell

I needed to be able to push out wireless connections through sccm and this is what I came up with.   EXPORT 1. We need to export the wireless profile from a connected computer

2. Open the .xml file that was created in the previous step 3. Change the value protected from true to…